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Beagle is Dropping Dimes

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How to Access Beagle?

What is Beagle for Sports?

It gives you instant insights into your favorite sports within MS Teams. Yes, it's that easy! Also, you can use multiple deep-dive filters to get customized analytics starting with the NBA.

With the wiggling basketball dropping in our courts this season, we are launching Beagle for Sports with NBA so that you don’t miss any pass.

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Past Week Game Analysis
Upcoming Games and Insights
Player and Team Stats
General Trivia and Rare Facts About Basketball

Steps to Access Beagle for Sports

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Install Beagle from Microsoft

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Go to NBA Virtual Analyst

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Explore Multiple Insights

What is Beagle?

Beagle is a globally recognized Conversational BI tool that delivers analytics directly into your chat platform. Thus, enabling users to access data visualizations at ease.
While you called your colleague for insights, data grew from 2x to 20x. It’s growing exponentially. Beagle aims to make data access a delight for you and your team.